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Healing Relationships Through Healing Connections

Relax, Refresh, Reconnect


Why Refresh?

Trauma Informed Life Coaching and A Place to Refresh

Refresh Equine Assisted Learning utilizes the trauma informed, science based principles of Natural Lifemanship. Through use of relationship, rhythm, and repetition, neural pathways impacted by trauma are freed to allow for improved responses to self and others.

Using relationship principles that apply to healthy human relationships to interact with the horses, individuals experience their relational responses and learn to practice healthier relational dynamics.

Refresh services are offered at That’s the Dream farm. That’s the Dream is designed to be a place of relaxation and healing! We are here to serve those who serve! Staff retreats allow teams to connect and refresh in a serene setting with opportunity to interact with the horses if desired. 

Life Coaching is an individual service especially effective for personal growth and decision making, helping one to find one’s path. Refresh Life Coaching services can include work with or without horses.


“I’m not teaching art, I’m teaching confidence.” ~ John David Berdahl
Guest Teacher at That’s the Dream
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