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Refresh Services

Support ~ Encouragement ~ Healing

Life Coaching Sessions

Life Coaching is a process. Your life coach will work with you to help you clarify your vision, set your plan and action steps, and define and achieve your goals. You may not realize you even have a vision! Life coaching is designed to help you find it and live it!

Natural Lifemanship Sessions

Working with horses to learn how to connect and develop good relationship principles will help you gain strength and confidence. The principles taught and experienced in the interactions with the horse will help you to see how you interact with others and help you to learn and practice real relationship.

A Time to Refresh

Life is stressful. That’s The Dream is serene and peaceful. Taking time away for yourself to relax is an important investment in your wellbeing, bringing healing to exhausted neural pathways and helping you find peace and improve productivity. Our staff will guide you in some relaxation exercises and give you time to yourself to, well, Refresh!

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