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About Refresh at That’s The Dream

A Healing Way in a Healing Place

As a young nurse, Dawn realized that neurobiology would be the next big breakthrough in medical science. Now she is excited to be able to help others with the knowledge of some of those advances!


Combining a life long love of horses, her nursing background, life coaching certifications from John Maxwell Team and the American Association of Christian Counselors, and Natural Lifemanship, Dawn had a dream to build a place that would have a serene setting for people to learn, grow, and heal. As she told people of this dream, she would end with, “Well that’s the dream anyway!” 


So Welcome to That’s The Dream farm! Dawn Robson is seeing her dream come true with the help of a team that is also excited to heal and serve. Whether you desire to come to That’s The Dream for coaching services, are desiring to increase your ability to connect to others and improve relationships, desire a private retreat to refresh, or have a group that needs to refresh and bond, we are here to serve you!


We have a special commitment to serve those who serve. We offer free services to service and nonprofit teams. Whether clients, teams, or team members we are here to support you!


The years have been stressful! We see you and appreciate your work to help others.


Come away for a time to relax and Refresh!


Our Dream Team

We just can’t help it: when the name of the farm is That’s the Dream, the team is known as The Dream Team. But truly, Dawn feels so blessed to work alongside this team in serving you that the name truly fits!

Christian Klonowski

Christian Klonowski is the Farm Manager at That’s the Dream. In addition to client education and support, he specializes in making sure the farm runs smoothly! He oversees care of the animals, the equipment and makes sure the grounds look refreshed so we can provide a relaxing environment for our guests. When Dawn thought we should have chickens, we learned that he loves chickens. He raises our spring baby chicks so we have chickens that love to interact with clients also! Coming to us with only a negative horse experience, he has taken his Natural Lifemanship training and truly tuned in to our animals and clients. His specialty areas of client interest are the New Life Center’s Genesis Recovery Program and Veterans’ support. He combines his personal history, Natural Lifemanship training, and connection to the animals to make a healing experience for others. In addition to Natural Lifemanship he is studying with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.  Chris is involved in the world of cars in his fun time. He is a pit crew mechanic for Myriad Motorsports, does detailing and mechanic work,  organizes Cars and Coffee, and helps with Moorhead Cruise Night.


Kayla Edgeton

Kayla Edgeton is a Farm Assistant at That’s the Dream. She specializes in animal care and graphic design. Her talents can be seen in our flyers and advertising materials. She works with our social media and outreach activities. Her favorite service area is hosting Legacy Children’s Foundation, letting them know they are loved and cared for and leading them in activities. She makes use of her Natural Lifemanship training to plan meaningful activities for our LCF groups and in her daily cares for our animals. They love that her cookies help to get that message across! Expressing art through makeup is her favorite hobby. She loves living at the farm and makes the most of the sunsets! She also is pretty in love with coffee!


Amanda Robson​​



Amanda Robson is a Personal Assistant and Farm Hand at That’s the Dream. She specializes in administrative tasks which include organization of documents. If you hear fast clicking on the keyboard, that’s Amanda at work! As a farm hand she also enjoys supporting her team by lending her energy and holding space for them and the farm’s clients. Just like our horses and cats, Amanda has a great ability to sense others’ emotions. Natural Lifemanship training helps her to relate this sense to our work. Her love of horses has been a part of her from an early age with her childhood herd of a horse and three ponies. She can usually be found writing or reading in her self-care time.


MaLeah Jimenez 

MaLeah is a busy mom but helps support our team in the background. She has had a lifelong desire to show love and support to those with disabilities and gets to practice that while helping with our groups from different agencies we serve who access the world differently. 


Annora Ruth

Annora Ruth is a volunteer at That’s the Dream. She has a passion for advocating for and serving people with special needs and disabilities - seen and unseen. Her passion can be seen through her willingness to support those groups on the farm. Often she can be seen offering our barn cat, Amelia, for cuddles. Amelia comes running when Nora shows up! She also has routines with our other animals. Her recently discovered pastime is creating digital art and collages which she uses to encourage and uplift clients and anyone who needs an encouraging word. We benefit from her talents with informational signs. She also helps with our graphics. If we need an answer on the internet, she’s there to find it! 

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