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Healing in Relationship

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Last summer Lulu was stepped on by a horse and almost died. I literally thought I was just taking her to the emergency vet for pain relief as she passed. She made it through! But a large part of her seemed to die that day. Her joy and bravado were gone. She was now terrified of the farm (where the accident happened) and even of trails elsewhere (she was running on a trail- ran under a horse to get to me but got stepped on). When on hikes she would cling to her human and not venture out, obviously afraid.

This is a long video, but it shows the healing of Lulu with Natural Lifemanship principles! In Natural Lifemanship we use relationship, rhythm, and repetition in our trauma informed care. You may want to fast forward through sections- but this was the actual process of healing and recovery for Lulu. She now loves trails again (just watch!) and loves the farm! Even with the city siren test in the background, and heavy equipment noise and fire on the farm, our little pup has gone from terrified to free and joyful!

Lulu’s physical healing just took time. But her emotional scars stayed just as intense over time, until we used NL principles to allow her brain to process and heal itself.

Are YOU missing freedom and joy? You don’t have to stay there. Natural Lifemanship principles are designed to work with animals and humans. Rhythm, relationship, repetition

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