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O Summer, Glorious Summer!

After a rough winter, ridiculously wet spring, another hand surgery for Dawn, and COVID for the whole team, we are oh so excited to be back up and running! Well, after our son Luke’s wedding this weekend!

We stayed at a lovely AirBNB before the wedding: well apportioned with beautiful gardens. As we enjoyed the few hours in the evening and morning, I felt myself learning lessons from the beauty in which I basked.

The biggest lesson was the beauty found in diversity! The flowers and plants were a stunning mix of textures and colors. Playing off of each other. Complementing and contrasting with each other. Setting each other apart by their differences and similarities. I was struck with the realization that so it is with life. When we can have a beautiful blend of diverse personalities and preferences in our world, we can more deeply realize the unique wonderful traits of each person.

In our world today it seems that so often people are surrounded with like-minded people. We lose so much when we don’t learn and experience the blessing of others not like us.

Partake of the beauty of the world. Seek out, recognize, and appreciate the beauty of those who complement and contrast your personal beliefs and personality. Enjoy the blessings of all that we have been given, while still holding your own personality, beliefs, and preferences.

Let’s make a beautiful garden of life of blessing to each other!

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